10th Bright Leaf Agriculture Journalism Caravan Arrives In Bohol
February 28, 2016




The Bright Leaf Caravan visited Bohol for the first time on Friday Feb. 26, 2016, as the Bright Leaf Agriculture Journalism Awards is celebrating its biggest year as it turns 10 this year.

The Bright Leaf Awards honors the most outstanding and relevant agriculture stories that were published or aired on radio and television.  It will also celebrate the work of photojournalists who successfully capture the essence and the heart of the agriculture industry in the country.

The Bright Leaf Agriculture Journalism Awards was launched in 2007 by Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing Inc. (PMPMI)

It is today continued by PMFTC Inc. the company created on February 25, 2010 through a business combination between Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing Inc. (PMPMI) and Fortune Tobacco Corporation (FTC).  As the market leader in the Philippine tobacco industry, PMFTC is committed to bringing much needed assistance and attention to the country’s agriculture sector.

Bright Leaf is the name given to Virginia Tobacco because it turns into a vivid yellow when it is cured with intense heat.  It is the variant of choice for manufacturing tobacco products.  It is also a most appropriate name for one of the most competitive agriculture journalism competitions in the Philippines.

Every year, Bright Leaf travels to different corners of the country to personally invite local journalists to submit their entries.

As part of its efforts to collect more entries, the Bright Leaf team met Boholano journalists on Friday at 3 p.m. at Metro Centre Hotel in Tagbilaran City to personally invite them to submit their entries and answer any questions they may have about the awards.

Boholano journalists and reporters were invited to take part of this milestone in the competition’s history by submitting their entries.  The Bright Leaf team is looking for agriculture stories, photos, TV and Radio programs or segments that were aired or published between September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016.  Bright Leaf is committed to promoting and creating awareness on the most current agricultural issues and the best farming practices from environmental care, safety, to crop sustainability.  In so doing, the general public’s attention is focused on the plight of the agriculture sector as well as the opportunities available. (ecb/PIA7-Bohol)

For more info, visit www.thebrightleafawards.com.

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