Fourth Bright Leaf Aggie Journalism Awards Now Open

THE Bright Leaf awards has been giving the agriculture industry a voice through journalists for four years. As the nation turns over a new leaf, the Bright Leaf awards will deepen its commitment to its cause.

The best print features, radio pieces, video stories or photographs that chronicle and capture the agricultural landscape of the times are awarded and honored, believing that by recognizing the efforts of the journalists, it raises awareness and support for the people who feed and fuel our country.

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The importance of shedding light on the issues of the agriculture industry is relevant now more than ever, as our country is under new governance, and the need to encourage discourse and reportage.

The agriculture industry is very important in the country's economy, and the Bright Leaf awards aims to recognize the journalists that tirelessly reports about the state of the industry.

The Bright Leaf awards has 10 main categories, Agricultural Story of the Year, Tobacco Story of the Year, Best Television Program or Segment Best Radio Program, or Segment Agricultural Photo of the Year, Tobacco Photo of the Year, Best Regional News Story, Best National News Story, Best Regional Features Story, and Best National Features Story. The 4th Bright Leaf awards also introduce a new category, the Oriental Leaf Awards, aimed at honoring the constant Bright Leaf contributors and winners through the years. With the new award, old and new contestants have an equal chance of winning.

The mechanics for joining the prestigious awards program are:

* Published entries must be between June 30, 2009 to October 1, 2010.
* Participants must be 18 years old and above.
* Print & Photo entries can be either submitted through snail mail or uploaded in the website.
* Radio & Television should be in a CD or DVD, and must be submitted to the Bright Leaf Secretariat at 291 St. Joseph Street, Oranbo Drive, Pasig City, Metero Manila, Philippines 1110.
* Application forms will be available in the website.
* For more information, email us at

Those who are interested to join can submit their entries starting August 11, 2010. Visit for more information. (PR)