About Us


The Bright Leaf Agriculture Journalism Awards was launched in 2007 by Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing Inc. (PMPMI).

It is today continued by PMFTC Inc. (PMFTC), the company created on February 25, 2010 through a business combination between Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing Inc. (PMPMI) and Fortune Tobacco Corporation (FTC). As the market leader in the Philippine tobacco industry, PMFTC is committed to bringing much needed assistance and attention to the country’s agriculture sector.

Bright Leaf is the name given to Virginia Tobacco because it turns into a vivid yellow when it is cured with intense heat.  The discovery of the Bright Leaf tobacco brought to life the struggling economy of North Carolina in the United States.  It is characterized by a distinct flavor and aroma that makes it the variant of choice for manufacturing tobacco products.

It is then a fitting choice as the name of this annual competition that is now celebrating its Thirteenth year.  The Bright Leaf Awards are given to the most outstanding and relevant agriculture stories in print, radio, and television.  It also honors the most compelling photos that capture the essence of tobacco farming and the agriculture industry.  It acknowledges the efforts of the Filipino journalist to bring to the forefront the current issues, new best practices, safety issues, crop sustainability and many other subjects relevant to one of our country’s most important industries. 

Bright Leaf is committed to promoting and creating awareness on the most current agricultural issues and the best farming practices from environmental care, safety, to crop sustainability. In so doing, the general public’s attention is focused on the plight of the agriculture sector as well as the opportunities available.  

From 82 entries since its inception 13 years ago, the number of entries have been increasing annuall. There has also been an increase in attendees of the Bright Leaf roadshows all over the country. This proves that there is widespread support for the competition and there is a need for such a platform, and PMFTC is proud to provide it.